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      Is it possible to use both the mic in and the instrument in… and still use the effects loop on the MixingLink.

      When I try this, it works, but the mic level is way hotter than the instrument in. (I also made sure the gain switch on the side is set to low) Additionally, if I have an xlr cord plugged in to the Mic in (with no phantom power) it cuts the gain on the instrument in significantly. Is this supposed to happen?

      I just want to make sure I have things hooked up correctly and that I’m not missing something routing-wise. I know you can use the Mic in and the “from fx” as a way to have independent gain controls but then theres no way to utilize the effects loop… right?



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      Hi Greg,

      The Instrument and Mic signals are summed before the gain stage (Gain Knob)

      When designing the unit we didn't have room for a separate level control for the Inst In.

      So we chose the current design. In a MKII version it will surely have the mic and instrument input be independent.

      You can use the 1/8" AUX IN as an FX Return independent of the FX loop return jack. This AUX IN signal  gets mixed into the outputs – directly

      for DI/LINE and before the output level control for AMP and Headphone ). The Mix Knob has no control

      on this signal. Hope this helps.




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      Thanks joe! Any word on when a MKII will come out?


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