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      I’ve found that my MixingLink needs to have the input gain turned up quite high to get unity gain through to a guitar amp.

      Signal path:

      Guitar>Inst In>To Amp>Amp

      I’m not using the MixingLink FX loop or anything else (although I get the same issue if I do). The gain switch on the side is set to ‘low’. Setting it to ‘high’ results in way too much gain.

      If I have the Input Gain and the Phone & Amp Level knobs set to 12 o’clock, the output signal is a lot quieter than just running a guitar straight into the amp. To make the level match, I have to turn the Input Gain up to 2 o’clock. This also introduces a small level of hiss.

      Is this normal?

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      Hi Charlie – You should be able to set Input Gain so the loudest input level flashes the green signal present. Then set Ouput Level for unity. 

      The Mix Mode setting will also have an effect on the unity gain setting. 

      Hope this helps

      joe waltz

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      Thanks Joe,

      I’ll play with the levels some more. How do the Mix Mode settings affect unity gain?


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      Solved. The problem was a dodgy cable! The cable works fine in other pedals, but was causing problems when plugged into INST In on the MixingLink. I switched it for another one and the MixingLink works as it should, with unity gain at 12 o’clock and no hiss.

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