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      I just got a used Modfactor. The first thing I did was register it and update the SW to the latest release.  That done, I went in to increase the available banks from 20 to 50. It would only go up to Bank 49.  I went into the utility menu on my Timefactor, and sure enough the Timefactor had the full 50 banks……..or at least it did untill I backed down the number of banks with the encoder knob. When I tried to put it back to 50 banks that too stopped at 49. Anyone have any ideas why both my Mod and Timefactors will only go up to 49 banks and not 50??????

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      This is a known issue with V3 and has been posted several times on this forum. Eventide is aware of the problem and has stated that this will be fixed in the next release of V3.

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      Thanks for the information Tim.

      I hadn't seen any posts regarding this issue.

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