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      Hi, I just picked up these two units in this past week. I read the thread about midi issues using the expression pedals. I am just trying to re-learn midi after a long break. I can't seem to get the pedals on the FC-300 to work smoothly with the MF.

      Any parameter setting I chose seems to be jumpy when rocking the pedal back and forth. For e.g. I'm using chorus and want to control the intensity level with the Rolands expression pedal. min 0 max 99…these numbers just don't flow with the pedal. They can't keep up or just do random things. Happens with both pedals and all software is up to date.

      ??? Thanks.

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      Eventide Staff

       The ModFactor's MIDI response is not as smooth as we would like and will be improved in the next release (date currently not published).

      The Timefactor should be quite a lot better – if not, there may be an issue with your pedal.

      Note that MIDI will never be as direct or smooth as a plugged in pedal.

      Another option is to use a single expression pedal with a Y-lead.

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      Thanks for the help. I'll be getting a time factor soon to check out.

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