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      Hi Eventide, please give us the possibility to name the presets we create with your products!

      It's very uncomfortable to write the numbers of the presets in the setlist and if it changes on stage you have to check the right number in few seconds.

      The display is big enough (I think) to do this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one customer that would appreciate an improvement like this!

      Thank you very much!

      ENR from Milan, Italy.

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      As this has been a frequent request and IMHO one of the first major ones for TimeFactor, too, I have a simple question. Is there a fundamental barrier to this name changing thing due to the layout of the pedals or have you Eventide guys just been addressing the problems that seemed more urgent?

      I'm seriously curious why this has been skipped in the last updates. Would make it a lot easier to understand if it was a major thing to get this done (I know this situation- you think you have it all together, but the last 2% force you to re-do everything). 

      Please enlighten us!

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      Eventide Staff

      We didn't do it initially because we didn't think the display was suitable for long names.

      Since then, too much to do, not enough time, not enough people. Apologies.

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      Ok, thanks!

      Take your time. 

      Just wanted to tell you it would be a 30% overall improvement for me but on the other hand I couldn't live without the latest software update for the TF, soundwise. You really did a great job with that.

      Cheers from Berlin

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      Thank you Jakob, maybe we'll find this usefull upgrade in the next software version!

      Have a nice day, cheers from Milan.


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