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      Will either or have any pitch shifting cababilities? Or patch or algro, like any of the H3000s series like stereo pitch shift, Im simple I use it to thicken my guitar tone! Kind of like that 5150 evh, will either of these do this?

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       As their names show, ModFactory will be dedicated to *modulation* type effects, while TimeFactor is a *delay* dedicated effect. no pitch shifters in there….but more to come in the future.


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      Ok sounds good, sounds like Et is pretty much splitting up the H series and eclip ect and selling in sections?? Nice pedals indeed great marketing ideal but for the money if you purchased both units 900 for both tax and title ect ect you can actually pick up a H300DxSxSE so on and so on second hand have it all for the same price?? I know I sold my H3000 and there isint a day that doesnt go by Im not kicking myself!!
      How long before they will have any pitch shifting along with delay pedals or is this way on down the road?? Thanks keep up the good work awesome pedals!!!ET Rocks!

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       Most of the effects in the Eventide pedals are nort available in the H3000 line.

      We refer mostly to the H8000 in these fx.

      An H3000 won't really provide at the same time the complex fx 2 of these pedals can.

      You'd have to at leasy buy an Eclipse. Once all the pedals will be out, you'd need and H7600 or H8000 to get all those sounds at the same time.

      So, as you see, they are very convenient.

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      Yes you are correct once again!! And actually these units are actually priced low thats my opinion for a Eventide product but hey Im not complaining!sry dont raise them lol, last question I wont bug ya anymore, as I said I mainly used my h3000 to enhance my sound to thicken her up micropitch shift pretty much is what I used sadly enough I didt need anything other then that, I know I didnt even touch the surface of the beast, ok last question will Eventide have a pedal that can do this and how long is the wait, and or will the timefacotr do something close to that effect with the chorusing and delay??

      thanks again!

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       There may be some more new things coming out. No public info is available on what and when. Please don't ask.


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