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      Just wondering about something… I love the ModEchoVerb in the Space, tons of great sounds in that one. Most of the time, I can get everything balanced the way I want it to, but sometimes, I would like to change the level of the echo in relation to the reverb. I think the ability to do this would be more useful that being able to change the tone of the echo independently from the reverb tone (as we can already do). Granted changing the tone of the echo and/or reverb does help the balance in most situations, but…

      Just wanted to float a suggestion to change the Echo Tone (Contour knob in ModEchoVerb) to an Echo Balance. Just a thought…

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      Noted! Thank you!

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      Thanks, Alan! I really appreciate the attention and consideration you and everyone at Eventide give to the ideas and suggestions from all us users. It's great, and too rare, to deal with a company that cares about its customers.

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      It is nice to see and support a company that listens and interacts with its customers this well.

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      I'm a new SPACE owner and would like to humbly thank Eventide for this amazing pedal. The SPACE stompbox is simply the best reverb I've ever had the pleasure of hearing and using with guitar, and it's a tweaker's dream to boot.

      On a somewhat related note, encouraged by the depth and breadth of this product, I'm now saving away for a H8000FW. Geeked

      As for update ideas:

      – Separate wet only output level adjustment option?

      – Hotswitch lerp…so that when the hotswitch is pressed the unit would smoothly morph between the assigned parameter settings, maybe based on an independently adjustable time/rate setting? The expression pedal allows for this kind of control, but it'd be neat to achieve a similar effect with a single switch press, in some circumstances.

      Thanks again!

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      +1 on Noah's idea for some kind of HotSwitch morph parameters – I was
      actually just about to post some ideas on that in a separate thread but
      saw it here. Smile

      I imagine a HotSwitch transition/morph mode would need to be set up
      at preset-level as opposed to a global setting; perhaps the settings
      could be a sub-menu accessed the same way as the [HOTSW CLEAR] function
      by pressing both the HotSwitch and the encoder – and then drilling down
      further from there.

      From there, perhaps a [HOTSW MODE] menu could be available, where you could select:

      • TOGGLE – the current default HotSwitch Mode
      • MORPH – the ability to have the two sets of HotSwitch
        parameter values change by a determined rate over time. Depending on how
        the TEMPO Mode was set for the preset at hand, it could be set by
        either seconds or be note-length based, similar to the various algo's
        Decay values.

      From there, there could maybe also be a [MORPH CURVE] menu, where you could select:

      • LINEAR – the parameter changes occur in a smooth linear manner between the two sets of values.
      • EXPONENTIAL – the parameter changes sweep through initially slowly, and pick up speed towards the end of the morph.

      Of course, one could argue that you can already achieve these kinds
      of changes using an expression pedal. However, having the ability morph
      between two sets of values over time like this would give us even more
      creative control flexibility simultaneously.

      For example: imagine a preset based on the Shimmer algo where the
      SIZE parameter could be controlled this way, while the A and B
      pitch-shifters could be controlled Whammy-style with an expression
      pedal, with the preset set to Tempo Mode.

      Then imagine you step
      on the HotSwitch right on the down-beat: the SIZE parameter could slowly
      increase over, say, four or eight (or more) bars in a near-precise
      manner….while leaving your feet free to get crazy with the
      pitch-shifting using the expression pedal. I imagine a LOT of really
      wild, creative tones could be achieved this way. Cool

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      Is anyone familiar with digitech's recreation of the Spacestation in the EX-7 Expression Factory? it sound basically like the ModEchoVerb but able to add shimmer/pitchshifts. Would ya'll know how to achive its sound with Space? that way it can finally be of my board 🙂

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