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      first, will there be a way to adjust the level of the rotary speaker effect in the future? it's awfully loud when it kicks on, and i usually have to roll my volume knob way back to compensate

      second, can anyone give any kind of clarification as to how sample/hold, envelope and ASDR work? i understand the concept of how ASDR works, but how would i do something like make the attack faster? even with the sensitivity up high i gotta really hit a string to get a good sweep with a wah or something.

      thanks for any help or insight

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       Hi Madeski,

      Users have been requesting some sort of level control so we are looking into including that in some future software update.

      When you dial up ASDR or Envelope as from the Shape knob, the Speed knob becomes a sensitivity control to adjust for different input levels. More sensitivity will produce faster attacks. Similarly when you dial up ASDR or Envelope from the Mod Shape knob, the Mod Rate knob becomes Sensitivity.

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      I absolutely second the request for a way to control the volume separately for the effects and even the modes, as the level varies widely among them. For instance, the Liquid Chorus will give you a volume drop whenever you select it – even with Wet at 100 % – whereas the rotary, which otherwise sounds wonderful, gives you that huge jump when you step on it, rendering it nearly useless.

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       I "third" the request, this seems like a glaring omission. Dialing back the bass control helps a little, but not much. I'm really liking the rotary otherwise.

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      gave this some thought, here's my request

      adsr should stay dynamic with sensitivity, it just needs to be more sensitive and dynamic, even with humbuckers and the guitar volume on 10 picking hard the lfo sweeps slowly

      envelope should not be dynamic, it should have a standard speed knob not sensitivity and the lfo be fixed at whatever speed setting you have set, isn't this the point of having seperate envelope and adsr waveforms?

      sample and hold is more or less a step filter and i've found it very usable, the only problem i have with it is that the modfactor doubles the bpm when i send it a midi cc tap signal

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      level control is a must (IMHO) in a future update.

      I am just wondering why nobody recognized this in the beta stages …. 

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       Another request for a level control. When using the Q Wah set to Envelope or ASDR there is a really big drop in signal.

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