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      HI gang,

      After owning my mod factor for close to 3 years, I have an idea that would radically improve its usability at list for yours truely.

      As of now the sounds are great but I find myself limited because the unit does not have a true wet/dry control. If the intensity knob could be changed to this option (should be easy to program), this unit would be amazing. Simply put, some effects change the original tone of the guitar (in some cases in a very good way) but sometimes you want to dial down the wet just a bit.

      Your thoughts are welcomed

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      Thanks for the suggestion!

      Coincidentally in the newest software update, a wet/dry control has been added to the Rotary effect. Check out V3.5!

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      thanks, I had honestly not noticed since I usually do not use the rotary effect. I use the phasers, flangers and chorus regularly.

      Please look into the possibility of addint wet/dry to all effects, thanks

Viewing 2 reply threads
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