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      I have a Timefactor and Modfactor in the effects loop of a Mesa Boogie 25W mini-rectifier. There is one effect on each that is not working correctly in this position.

      On the Timefactor the Vintage delay doesn't work properly in the effects loop at practice volume levels…. Instead of a subtle hiss, it just farts and crackles.

      On the Modfactor the Undulator doesn't work at all in the effects loop at practice levels.. there is no change to the input signal at all.

      If I crank the amp the effects suddenly appear but at practice levels they don't.

      Similarly if I put the pedals in front of the amp these two effects work fine.

      All the other effects of these pedals work fine in the loop. What is happening here? It seems like these too effects "trigger" at higher input levels than the others. Is there a built in noise gate that is set differently for these two effects? Is this something that is going to be fixed in an update?

      Can something be done to fix this? I've tried switching the levels from "line" to "guitar" and "amp" but no change.

      The pedals are both updated fully and have been reset to factory settings. Does anyone know why these specific effects are misbehaving in this way. Surely all the effects in a multi-effect pedal should work at the same line volumes.

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