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      Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere – I couldn’t find a matching thread.

      I’m having some issues with my ModFactor related to rotary encoder behaviour:


      1. The rotary encoder often switches from changing the effect type to changing one of the other parameters. Eg. When I try to scroll through the effect types it often ‘sticks’ on an effect then the rotary encoder starts to adjust the Speed instead. To me it appears like there’s some sort of ‘crossed wires’ hardware issue 


      2. If I change any knob (let’s say Shape) then move the rotary encoder, the rotary encoder also changes the Shape instead of changing the effect type. Is this meant to happen? Is there a way I can switch off this behaviour?

      Thanks in advance for your help!


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      Eventide Staff

      Apologies if I misunderstand, but:

      If you do anything that brings up a number, annd then turn the encoder, the encoder will adjust the number until the number goes away. This is how it is intended to work.

      Does this explain ?

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      Ahh yes that definitely explains number 2. It’d be handy if that function could be turned off and have the encoder only change the Effect. Is that to give incremental control over each knob?

      Issue number 1 is weirder though – almost if there’s some circuit leakage somewhere. Please excuse my crappy wording above – I’ll try a ‘commentated’ version instead 🙂

      “I want to change the Effect from eg. Chorus to Rotary. I turn the rotary encoder. Turning, turning turning… cycling through the Effect categories… Phaser, Q-Wah, Flanger, oops now it’s changing the Speed of the Flanger and the screen is showing a readout of Hz.”

      The issue doesn’t always happen. Often I can keep turning and it moves perfectly well through all the Effect categories. It can happen on any Effect (eg. Chorus, Phaser, etc.), although it when it occurs it always jumps to the Speed parameter. 

      Strange, isn’t it?

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      My suggestion: Clean out the Speed potentiometer with some Deoxit spray (or similar cleaner).  What I think is happening is that you’re getting intermittent, spurious values from the Speed pot. While it *could* be a circuit issue, cleaning out the pot is a cheap fix.

      You say that it’s always the Speed pot, so it may be jittering between values.  The ModFactor “thinks” that you’re adjusting the Speed, so it switches to fine-tune encoder mode. Just a theory, but I’d try that first. You may be able to dislodge dust using compressed air.  DON’T use WD-40 (it leaves a sticky residue).  Turn the pot several times after applying the cleaner; fully clockwise and counter-clockwise.

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      Cheers brock, your theory makes sense to me. I’ll report back when I’ve given it a go!

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