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      I was in Undulator, ran the intensity up to max and when I backed off, the dry portion of the signal never returned. Switched to another algorithm and back and all was good. Cranked the intensity again, go tthe same issue, only this time there was a big volume drop and I I couldn't get any signal in any algorithm or in bypass – just a very quiet sound of guitar, slight delayed (maybe 100 ms?). Turned it off and on, all recovered and have not been able to reproduce, but will let you know if I do.

      Runing the current software patch, but had not done a system setting reset yet.

      BTW – Undulator is very cool 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi mlabbee,

      Are you running the latest version of MF 2.0.2 which is available from Eventide Update Utility? This fixed some bugs with Undulator.


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      I had downloaded the patch, but had not yet reset the system settings when I ran into the bug. I have since done the system reset and have been unable to reproduce the bug. Is a system reset required to activate software upgrades?

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