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      hi all…

      love my modfactor and the tones, I just can't quite figure out how to bypass via midi.

      what I would like to do is, for example:

      0 on my midi pedal = Bank 1:1 on modfactor and 0 on my other midi device

      1 on my midi pedal = bypass of Bank 1:2 on modfactor and 1 on my other midi device

      etc, and so forth

      anyone know what I need to do? I have also downloaded the latest modfactor software which is supposed to improve this issue somewhat but I can't figure it out…appreciate any help. Thanks in advanced!


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      You can use cc messages to activate/bypass a factor pedal.

      Configure your midi controller to send a specific cc message, say 1 with a value of 0 (bypass) or 127 (activate) on the channel that the factor pedal is listening.  Then on the factor pedal go to system->MIDI->Rcv Ctl->ACT and assign that cc number there or use the LEARN function while sending the cc from the midi pedal and the factor pedal will pick it up.

      If you have more than one factor pedal you can assign different cc messages to ACT[ivate] on each one.  In my case I send cc1 to my PF, cc2 to the MF and cc3 to my TF.  A value of 0 for these messages will bypass the pedal, a value of 127 (probably anything but 0) activates it.

      Hope this helps.


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