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      I have been scouring the net for Modfactor demos (NAMM show?) but even when a video physically shows both the MF and TF, only the TF is demoed. Will there be any clips that you guys will be making available soon? I understand things may change with software, but I would love to get some idea of where things are heading (I might be needing to sell some stuff you know…!).

      btw, can my user name be change to "Angle Loss" as it is on the Gear Page and everywhere else? I used this one only after I was told to re-register while there were problems getting my account for the Timefactor upgrade going. It would be much less confusing for me 🙂


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      video clips you see are not made by Eventide. We don't usually use video.

      You will know about ModFactor as soon as its final manual will be released, along w/the product. This is the standard way things work.

      I don't know if you can change your identity name. If you try and doesn't work….stay w/the current one.


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