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      Cool Ade

      Never posted on any forum before EVER. Anywhere. I'm pretty pissed, though.

      I bought a ModFactor from Long & McQuade in Canada about 1 1/2 years ago. I tried a lot of the presets, and believe me, it is the coolest multi-modulation thingy I've ever been near. I guess I would say that, at first, I was rather…. intimidated (?) by its power/potential/layers (I have a tiny brain, and even less patience) so I put it back in its box and put it on the shelf. Anyways, a few months ago I overcame my hang-ups and started using it for some rehearsals and a tiny bit of recording. I made a few of my own presets, and was just starting to get into it, when it crapped the bed…

      I'm using the provided power supply (Eventide). For a couple weeks it would intermittently shut down if it just got breathed on, let alone if I was depressing a switch. If you were very, very gentle it would keep working, but it was temperamental at best. I had never registered it, so I thought I'd better do that, and update it at the same time. Halfway through doing that it SHUT DOWN and hasn't powered up since. Wait… I lie: when you plug it in (totally sucks there isn't an on/off switch) it powers up normally for TWO SECONDS, then nothing….

      Tried resetting. Nope. Took it to the music store (warranty expired). Blank stare.

      So I paid $400 for this thing, and I've gotten about 4 hours of satisfaction out of it? (I've never been to a hooker, but I'm thinking I'd get better bang for my buck there….) And now I gotta pay what? a couple hundred bucks to send it back to Eventide?


      Real happy.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are unhappy. I would try the power supply – get someone to measure it, or temporarily try a different one ( find someone who know what they are doing).

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