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      I have had a ModFactor for several years. I bought it on the internet, and unfortunately I got a US-model. I thought the models was the same, and only the wallwart was different, so I have just used an original EU Eventide wallwart from my TimeFactor. Now after some years the buttons stopped working (only the Program-button and the stomp-buttons works). It does not affect the sound in any way.

      So I send it to get repaired, and got the answer back that the machine works fine, when you give it the correct power, and that it could not get repaired, as it was not a EU model.

      I have tried it with different wallwarts but the buttons do not work anymore.

      Does anyone on the forum know anything about this, and have any suggestion to what I should do?

      All the best


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      Eventide Staff

      The only difference between US and EU units is the power supply (wallwart).

      If you are not having luck getting it repaired locally, you should contact, giving full details of where and when you bought it, and where you tried to get it repaired.

      Be warned that it will be out of warranty and may have to come to the US to be fixed. There may also be some confusion at work – it is possible that there is nothing wrong with it – I'm not at all clear which buttons are not working. 

      Try restoring the unit to factory defaults (see UM) before doing anything else.

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