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      Hi Folks,

      my Modfactor distorts / clips. Although there is definitely no clipped input. The Led never lights.

      My 1st setup Ibanez AS 200 -> Rat -> Modfactor  -> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal -> Boss DD7 into Solid State Amp.

      I thought maybe i should change Rat and Modfactor, but i have still the same issues…

      Actual setup is now Ibanez AS 200 -> Modfactor -> Rat -> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal -> Boss DD7 

      I tried all positions of the Line/Guitar Line/Amp switches. Nothing changes. On some presets it distorts more. But it does all of the time. And what i hate the most is digital distortion…

      Has anyone an idea? Thank you very much in advance! 

      I read another thread about the same issue, but there wasn't a good answer…



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      Hi Tobi,

      To troubleshoot, can you verify whether the ModFactor distorts/clips when the setup is only

      guitar ->ModFactor -> amp  ?

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      Yes, it distorts in the simple setup guitar->mf->amp, too.

      Sounds like clipping, like a digital distorsion, sounds like notgoodatall.

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      I'm confused now. After worrying about the distortion, i tested the modfactor just put into my mac computer via firewire-audiointerface into Logic. Switched to line level.

      And, guess what? It doesn't distort. Oh man…

      That means, that my amp distorts, right? But why?

      It's a solid state Evans amp from the 80ies and it works fine, normally.

      Is the input level to high with modfactor effect on?

      But i can't hear big differences in the volume with effect on or off. (Usually the modfactor effects lowers the volume, in my opinion.)

      And the amp does definitely not distort with the clean signal. Is this a frequencies problem?

      Today i'll go to friendly music store and i'll test the mf on other amps.

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      Now i've been to the music store and tested my pedals on a few amps. And it seems that my amp has a problem. It disorts while using the modfactor, because the effect changes the input signal in a way that i obviously don't understand…

      The guys in the store told me to solder a certain resistor to the amp's input jack to lower the input level. Is this the solution??

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