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      Hello everybody!!

      I own both Timefactor and Modfactor for quite some time now (and have Space ordered) and I especially like the sound of both units (preset 1:1 on Modfactor is pretty much always on)

      I would like for  your help with some flanger settings on the Modfactor for the sound of Van Halen's Unchained and Heart Baraccuda songs.

      I have made a preset  that's close enough for unchained sound but I would like to see what settings other owners have found on these classic flanger sound.

      Thank you in advance!


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      I'm also very interested in an answer to this because  I have an mxr evh flanger that I'm in love with and that's the reason I haven't baught a modfactor yet.  If there's a way to cop that exact flanger sound ill jump ship right now!!!

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      I'd also like a Barracuda setting. I heard that song the other day and was like, damn, I need that sound. 

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      It looks like this problem has been around awhile. I just got the H9 and have been trying to get the EVH Flange sound for days……. .can not do it.  Can someone please post the settings that get close?

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