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      I have finally connected my factor pedals to the H9 control application on mac but my modfactor is showing only Chorus, phaser, Qwah, Flanger and Modfilter as active algorithms.  When I click on rotary or any of the other ones (in grey) it transfers me to the store where it shows purchased (this is not an H9 box, it is the original Modfactor) but wont let me activate.

      Anyone have a solution?

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      Do you have an H9 and a ModFactor connected to H9 Control at the same time? I can't imagine how else what you're describing might happen…  If you have multiple devices connected at a time, which algorithms you see as active in the algorithm screen (or the other screens) depends on which device is active.  If you click on the icon representing one of the stompboxes, that will become the active stompbox.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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