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      Modfactor still works, but the bank switches will begin to freeze…can't change banks at all. Tap tempo is NOT engaged. I reverted to prior version, thought it helped, then same thing started again. Have tried to reset to factor (keeping my presets)…no help. Is this hopeless? Unfortunately i just bought it used a month or more ago. Worked fine until the past week.

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      Eventide Staff

      It could be a bad switch, or a bad internal connection. You could have a handy friend open it up and look at it, or

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      No…this was clearly software related…more than one switch was affected and was intermittent, and acted more like a software snag. I reverted to the previous firmware and then re-loaded the latest firmware update, then did a factory reset. So far it has not recurred. Was very frustrating at the time. Keeping my fingers crossed….

Viewing 2 reply threads
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