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      Hello all,

      As a relative newcomer to the Modfactor, I am struggling to re-create some of the patches that I used to use frequently on my previous multi-effects unit. I play in a covers band that requires different styles and effects for different numbers.

      What I can't seem to achieve is a subtle and low-in-the-mix flange and phaser effect – whatever I do they are too overpowering for my taste.

      Can anyone offer any advice or perhaps post a couple of their own settings? I know this has been discussed before on these forums but the one thing I seem to be lacking is a 'mix' setting for these effects.

      Appreciate any help or comments

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      depending on the sounds you are after- sometimes effects are less dramatic in front of the amp- especially phaser and flanger…for example- the only way (IMHO) to really cop a Van Halen Phase 90 sound (ala mean street) with the modfactor is in front of the preamp…but you can get close enough in the loop if you keep the effect level a bit lower…YMMV

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