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      Hey, I have a Modfactor and a Timefactor and I want to be able to choose the preset and active effect from one unit.

      OK so the Modfactor is first in line and Im controlling the Timefactor by sending MIDI patch change messages from the Modfactor.

      It works when I activate a patch on the Modfactor and te Timecator follows.

      NOW HERES THE RUB. When i deactivate the patch on the Modfactor, ten the Timefqctor does not follow. To disengage both effect I have to stomp on both of them to turn all acive effects off.

      Ive read both manuals and I cant see any way of doing this which kinda limits the ability to use more then on Factor pedal at the same time.

      Please if anyone can find a solution, or confirm my issue, that will be great.



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      Eventide Staff

      When you say "deactivate patch" do you mean bypass ? If so, I don't think there is a way for one bypassing one unit to bypass the other. BUT, you could connect an AUX switch to both units using some kind of Y-lead and program them to use one of the switches for bypass.

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      thanks Nic, I do mean putting both units to bypass.

      I guess Ive found a feature of using multiple units together.

      I like you suggested solution, I will have to investigate.


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      Heres a follow up, this can be done using an AUX switch to control the bypass.


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