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      Hi just got myself a modfactor and trying to find the same 'jet flanger' sound that is at the start of the solo in Lenny K are you gonna go my way. The preset isnt that close.  

      Anyone got that sound close?



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      Use the thru zero flanger and plug your output to the right channel instead of the left one (which is the mono one if I remember right) play with the depth knob and at the peak of the sweep your sound should cancel all the way out. I use it this way in my band and it sounds killer. 

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      THanks for the reply. Im using the modfactor then timefactor in an effects loop so not sure what you mean with input / output set up?

      Do you use the 'Thru 0' type rather than Jet? Id always thought it was a jet typeflanger. So many options and settings its a job to keep it simple!

      Thanks again.

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