Modfactor LFO for the TremoloPan labelled wrong in update v 3.0?

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      ok so I bout the modfactor to replace my cusack tremolo and audio envelope follower (auto-swell pedal). The latter, the Modfactor did just fine but i don't under stand the Ramp wave and square wave for the tremoloPan.

      it sounds to me that the shapes are switched where the Ramp sounds choppy and the Square wave swells for some reason; Does anybody else here this?

      I would like to know what direction is the rampwave going? (Ascending/Decending) is it anagolous to sawtooth shape or not? What does the intensity knob do to it? Tap tempo- is it one LFO cycle per beat?

      I have more questions but i think a Diagram would answer them all.

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      I think the square and ramp functions are behaving normally, If you try and listen to them at slow LFO speeds you will hear the difference. It may be possible that in some settings the two shapes sound kinda similar. If you listen to the Ramp wave at low LFO speeds you can hear the swell and the drop thus indicating that it is a descending ramp.

      I think for the TAP tempo , No of cycles of LFO per beat = Tempo in BPM / 60 (at 1/4 note setting).

      Hope this helps.

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      Hey thanks for your respond! ok i got the tap tempo thing working. i see what you mean so it is miss labelled! that's a inverse sawtooth wave not exactly a ramp wave. So there is nothing i can do to get it to swell and drop sharply?

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