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      My Cubase is MASTER CLOCK and my Modfactor is Slave.

      When I play the sequence in Cubase everything is OK: the Modfactor´s LFO perfectly synchronized with tempo BPM, but when I change preset in Modfactor, the LFO is desynchronized

      Is there any way that this LFO continue synchronized all the time with an external MIDI CLOCK signal?

      Sorry my bad english.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Yes, you need to turn MIDI clock receive to on.

      from the manual (page 35)  :-

      [MIDICLK] – MIDI Clock Enable (ON, OFF)

      Press the Encoder to select. Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Receive ON or OFF. If ON, MIDI

      Clock is used as a Tempo source.

      Press the Middle Footswitch once to back-up one level to MIDI menu.
      Press the Middle Footswitch twice to go to top level System menu. 

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      Sorry just re-read the question.

      have you tried global tempo switched on, that may help.

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      Yes, I turned ¨on ¨  MIDI CLOCK IN,  and MIDI CLOCK OUT Y FLT set to ¨off ¨ .

      Also, global tempo is set to ON.

      Again, when I play the Cubase, my Modfactor syncs perfect. The problem is when I change preset on the Modfactor: in this case, the LFO starts to desynchronize.

      In another post, someone told me that press the TAP button on the Modfactor to reset the LFO, but this way is not perfect.

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      can someone help?

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