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      can anyone explain how to use the effects in modfactor? the manual in my opinion is very incomplete compared to the timefactor manual.

      the quick reference guide labels every knob and what they do for each effect but there's no description as to what every knob does IN DETAIL which makes it hard for novice users to understand and use the knobs or know  WHAT they actually do to the sound. (i mean what the heck is sine? triangle? manual delay offset? base frequency? Q-range? the values in the depth knob with the vocal wah?).

      is there anyone here who could explain thoroughly what the "technical descriptions" of the knobs do to the sound?

      i believe there was a poster here who described the shapes and how they go on the spectrum or something like that. a presentation with pictures or whatever would really help us. and maybe some clips too.

      basically what i'm looking for is a complete walkthrough of the modfactor. LOL. i know it's a bit of a task but it would be really great to understand how to use it.

      Many thanks.

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      john beddoe

      I couldn't agree with you more!

      I really dig the modfactor and i've put aside a couple of afternoons to try and suss the controls of this beast but still feel i don't fully get it.

      I mean. how do the controls after the undulator, for example? I have to say, i can't hear it either!

      I hope Eventide haven't abandoned the modfactor. The preset list is out of date and theres no information about presets 21-50! It would be really great to have the diagrams just like for presets 1-20.

      So come on fellow eventide modfactor lovers. Lets put the pressure on for more detailed, clear information in how to get more out of this awesome machine!

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      We are working on new videos which go over this subject. In the meantime here's one I did that touches on the ModFactor's D-Mod and S-Mod capabilities. The effect used in the video is Tremolo but these techniques can be used on all of ModFactor's effects.


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      great. now at least i have an idea what the Smod and Dmod do.

      looking forward to those videos you're doing. hope it will cover everything though. Cool

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