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      Ok, here we go…
      i've just got my modfactor yesterday and got it hooked up in my rig this evening.
      The sounds are awesome, and the features are impressive so far,

      But there are a couple things that leave me kinda unhappy after the first night
      I want to "remote-control" it completely via my Behringer FCB1010 mainly using the new CC-to-Exp.Pedal workaround that was just added in the current software version 2.2.3.

      I tried to control the WahWah like a usual wah pedal through midi, but i'm encountering an annoying delay between pedal movements and the modfactor's audible reactions. it's about 300-500 ms.
      Another problem is that I hear a slight clicking-like noises when moving the pedal on the FCB1010.

      BTW: The ExPDL>CC function doesn't seem to work without a 1/4' plug in the ExpPed jack of the MF, so i just plugged an unsoldered plug in there to get it working. Is it ok to do it this way, or is there any recommendation like using a 20KOhm resistor soldered to the plug to prevent the noise and other possibly occuring problems?

      i've already checked for possible controller pedal problems of the FCB1010 with a T.C. G-Major that sits in the same rack but the pedals work flawlessly on that one without any noticable lag.

      Could someone please help me out?


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      I feel a slight delay when using a Roland Expression Pedal (no Midi), too, though maybe a bit less than 300ms.


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      Isn't there anybody else out there with similar experiences?

      BTW I've checked it with an Roland FV-500L pedal directly attached to the exp.ped jack
      and it's working fine with minimal lag between pedal movements and the changing of the FX.

      BUT I'd be great if eventide could fix the problem with control via midi…
      Since i'm not willing to carry an addional pedal with me in a entirely midi controlled rig…
      Midi-controllability was one of the main features why i bought the modfactor.

      Does anybody know when the next software update on the modfactor might happen?


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      I am having MAJOR problems with midi control of both my timefactor, and modfactor, particually with controlling the expression pedal setting with midi. The device does not even see the CC signal, or doesn't recognize it. I know that my FCB1010 works, however, I can control every aspect of my digitech whammy with no problem, and the signal chain of the midi is as follows:


      Whammy is midi channel 1, Modfactor is midi channel 2, and Timefactor is midi channel 3. I can change presets fine, but just can't control the exp. settings. I have tried several values for the CC number, none work.

      Thanks for the help in advance!

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      For me, the MF recognize the exp pedal but when i choose the PDL assign to have a classic wah via midi, i have no change on sound only changes on screen!!!

      i works fine with others parameters or directly in the pedal input.

      I bought it specialy for this feature and don't be able to make it work!!

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      Eventide Staff

       There would appear to be an issue with the MIDI control of the expression pedal input, as reported by Mr Loaded6String above.

      The result is that MIDI pedal changes appear as normal on the display, but cause no audible effect. A quick solution is to put an unconnected 1/4" plug (no resistors required) into the pedal jack on the back of the unit.

      This will be fixed in the next release, but the workaround is easy. 

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      So, does anybody have a clue when the next Modfactor software update will happen?

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      I am on the latest firmware version and I am experiencing strange behavior too. I have an Ernie Ball Jr 25k connected to my MIDI controller. The Ped -> C20 and I am broadcasting MIDI changes but the ModFactor is responding slowly and not accurately. I have calibrated the Exp Pedal with the MIDI Controller. 90% of the pedal sweep gives values 0-16 and then the last 1/4" gives massive jumps. The lag is slow and pretty much unusable. Has anyone been able to use the ModFactor as a Wah with a MIDI Expression Pedal instead of attaching directly. As I have 3 Factors I don't want to have 3 exp pedals on my board!

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      Eventide Staff

      The control law (relationship between pedal position and result) is probably between Ernie Ball and your controller manufacturer.

      The MIDI response of the Modfactor is slower than the other pedals, and will be improved in the next software release (no published date yet).

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