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      I had a problem with the usb… and now I have several problems !

      First, my ModFactor unit can't be recognize via USB.

      I try on different computers with installed programs that you offer via website.

      None of this worked for me.

      It came broken ?well…

      Then I connect through a "Focusrite Saphire pro 40" by the midi port.

      works initially:

      – I set my "modfactor" on update mode and started to update the unit. 

      – But when it came to 67% of the upgrade my "ModFactor" stop updating.

      – I try again…

      – But , from that moment my "modfactor" never again letme enter on update mode.

      and also has all deleted data.

      So now I have a "ModFactor" does it not work !!!

      An empty stompbox that can not be updated by the media that you offer on your official website.

      my question:

      There are other methods that you not provide on your website to solve these kinds of situations?

      Specialized software? 

      Something you can email me with exact instructions on what I should do to return my unit to "Factory Presets" ?

      I am from Argentina and here there is no official support.

      Really I was very happy with my "ModFactor". I used it for a cuple of years without any problems until I wanted to update it,  and with the official methods that you provide on your website.

      Here in Argentina $ 399 (the value of ModFactor) is too much money to throw it away.

      So please help me to solve this problem, which began when I wanted to use the support offered via web by Eventide.

      Thank you.

      Diego Selma / Modfactor Serial # MF-02749

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      Could you copy and paste your forum post into an email to  We have different update utilities available, and we might send you an alternative update utility.  Could you let us know in your email what kind of computers(s) you have as well — whether you have a Mac, a Windows machine, or both?  Also, you were using the Eventide Direct Updater when you had this problem or something else?

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