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      I just bought the mod factor and I'm overwhelmed by all the settings available. On the manual I just see the options but is there any docs on the specific effects ?

      The phaser has 4 types: Negative, Positive, Feedback & Biphase 

      It has shape options Sine, Triangle, Peak, Random, Square, Ramp, Smp/Hld, Envelop or ADSR

      I was looking something like the MXR Phase 90?

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      I can't give a specific answer, but I believe that the top row of knobs are your main controls. The bottom row of knobbies are modulating your modulation as it were, so it may help to set all the bottom row of knobs to zero and just use the top row and see what the top row does before tweaking the ones on the bottom. I have taken a bit of a liberty and pasted in the settings to a very nice phaser sound that Burger666 posted (I can't find the actual post). Mr Burger (Brett Kingman) is well known for (in my opinion) doing some of the best demos on the internet. I use this preset to do a very poor 'Catch the Rainbow' impersonation by some bloke called Ritchie Blackmore.

      PHASE; Intensity – 18; Type – Positive; Depth – 99; Speed – .90; Shape – Sine; XKnob – 2; DMod – 0; S-Mod – 0; Mod Rate – .12; Mod Source – Sine.

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      Thanks a lot man!

      I've been doing some experiments… I see that bottom row "wiggles" the parameters on the top? ..does this mean, they make the parameters dynamic like moving them up and down?

      Also and I may be incorrect about this but other flangers and phasers I tried they used to be active and continuos, instead of using a "sensitivity parameter" which triggers the phase.. Do you know if there is a way no to use sensitivity to trigger the phaser and just be active all the time?

      Thanks again!

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      You're only going to have the sensitivity control if the mod shape is envelope or adsr, otherwise it will be continuously on. Set it to sine or triangle, that's what most classic phasers use.

      Once you understand the shapes and how they relate to the sounds, it all falls into place.

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