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      I know that the initial algorithm for the rotary speaker was 100% wet and the mix knob (or intensity on some presets) was not used. in the initial firmware.  With subsequent firmware updates, the intensity knob became more or less a volume or a LEVEL for the effect so that it could address the disparity between the level when engaged to better match the level when in bypass.  With the version 3.0 firmware, we have the ability to set the level of the presets using a menu item involving pressing the switch and the encoder knob.  This makes the use of a level for the preset with the intensity knob redundant at best.  There are some of us who use the rotary, but would like it to be more mellow, like a background wash and not so much in your face.  For example, using multiple amplifiers you would have one "dry" and one "wet" but set the level lower on the "wet" channel to allow the guitar to cut thru the band mix better but still have the softness of a little rotary running in the background … (similar to the David Gilmour use of the Doppolas in conjunction with a dedicated dry amplifier).  This can only be simulated with one amplifier by varying the intensity of the rotary effect, something that up to this point Eventide has considered unimportant for the rotary algorithm.  I have to set the MODfactor so that it is running in a loop on a blender device to modify the signal to less than 100% wet to achieve the same thing.  PLEASE (Eventide) could you consider using the intensity knob to set the mix level of the wet-to-dry signal for this preset and use the new method with the menu item to set the level?  It would sure solve a few problems out here, and eliminate having to use external hardware to accomplish a mix function.

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      Hi Michael,

      Good point the level control in ModFactor's Rotary is now redundant in V3. I've added a feature request for this to be considered in future software updates.


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      +1 – I think this is a good idea and would enhance the flexibility of the rotary speaker algorithm. Glad to hear it's on the list for consideration!

      Anyone else??

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      yep Yes

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      +1 nice catchIdea

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      Just adding my +1 as this would be a MAJOR help to me.

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      What is the status on this. This feature would be a huge help!!

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      Just wondering if this could show up in the pending V4 firmware release?
      I am keeping my fingers crossed. (Sure makes playing guitar harder that way!)
      Anyone have any word about the schedule or the content on V4 ???


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      If my memory kicks in when I'm at NAMM this week, I'll stop by the Eventide booth and ask.

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      That would be awesome! Thanks.

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      Eventide Staff


      I added this to the new release of modfactor. Beta should be out very soon.  Seemed like a good idea, so thanks!  Keep'em coming.


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      AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!

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      OK… upcoming version is apparently not V4, but V3.5.  Is that right?

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      ModFactor Update Release Notes:

      Changes in Version 3.5.0 beta  (03-Feb-2012)

      New Features:
      – Rotary: Changed level to a wet/dry mix since level control per preset was added with previous update.

      Thank you so much, Eventide!

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