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      The modfactor is so deep.  I thought it would be cool to post our own settings.  

      Q: What are your uni-vibe settings?

      Anybody getting anything close to a mutron sound? 

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      This will be a great thread, I was thinking of starting a similar one, but the Modfactor is so deep that I have still not ventured very far from minor tweaking of the presets, so I have nothing to contribute at this point. I will definitely return when I have some settings to share.

      I also would love to see some cool uni-vibe settings. Also, I heard No Quarter the other day and would love to hear a setting that captures that vibe (I will take a stab at it when I can carve out some time)

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      I finally had some time this weekend to do some more experimenting, and I have my first user preset. It is a rotary preset that is somewhat subtle and is meant to add demension to clean tones. I did not use the CATCHUP function, so I will double-check the accuracy of my estimated values (although they should certainly be close enough for you to adjust to taste).

      3-D ROTARY
      Type: Giant
      Depth: 1.42
      Speed: 2.25
      Shape: R99/H99
      Xnob: 10
      D-mod: 20
      Mod Source: Triangle

      I am looking forward to checking out others' presets. I really hope this thread takes off, the Modfactor is such a powerful tool with so many variables that I think it will be best utilized by sharing presets and ideas.

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      I have been a bit disappointed with a lack of a single LFO vintage style chorus, so I went mucking about in my MF. If you use the Vibrato (modern or vintage type–I used modern), set the mix to about 40, rate all the way off (which is still a bit fast aka 100Hz), depth around 30, shape sine or triangle, and leave the whole bottom row off. It still sounds very glassy and hi-fi, but produces a much smoother sound in mono than the chorus types do. It has a short delay time that boarders flange–maybe like how Andy Summers would use an Electric Mistress for chorus. Might get you by until they upgrade the chorus. Enjoy!

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      I just managed to program a pretty good Octavia:
      Type – Ring
      Depth – Unused
      D Mod – 0
      Speed – Sens 89
      S Mod – 0
      Shape – Envelope
      Mod Rate – 4.13
      Mod Source – Triangle
      X Knob – Tone 98

      Put a strat on the neck pickup, roll the tone down and the volume up and it's pretty good!

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      I've been using my modfactor for about 2 weeks live and still have not yet done any indepth settings, the presets are realli good 😀 no regrets on getting it 😀

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