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      Eventide ModFactor Software Update

      Eventide is happy to announce the availability of ModFactor 2.4.2[1] Software. This update includes extensions
      to ModFactor’s operating system which improve compatibility with TimeFactor
      and PitchFactor. We recommend that you only install this software when you have
      time to become familiar with it and never just before a tour or gig.

      We strongly recommend that you back up your existing presets before updating
      to a new software version.

      For information on backing up Presets, visit the ModFactor
      Support Page.

      Reverting to Previous Software

      Note that it is possible to revert to the original version anytime. However,
      reverting from 2.4.2[1] to version 2.0.2[3] will require a clear setup, which
      can be executed by booting up while simultaneously holding the Encoder and Tap
      switch. After clearing setup you will have to restore system settings to your
      liking. Although this process will not erase your presets, we recommend you
      backup any presets prior to updating.

      How to Update

      Updating requires the following steps:

      1. Create
        an Account.
      2. Register
        your ModFactor Pedal.
      3. Download and Install the Eventide Update Utility from the ModFactor
        Support Page.

        You will not be able to download this utility until you have successfully
        logged in to and registered your ModFactor.

      4. Connect your ModFactor Pedal to your computer using a standard USB Cable
        (not provided by Eventide).
      5. Launch the Eventide Update Utility Application. Please be patient, as it
        can sometimes take up to 1 minute to recognize the ModFactor Pedal.
      6. Select the System Version 2.4.2[1] from the Available Updates list and click
        the Update button.
      7. When prompted for a username and password, enter your username
        and password.
      8. Review the Release Notes and License Agreement displayed by the Eventide
        Update Utility.
      9. Wait for the Update to Complete. This usually takes a few minutes.

      Troubleshooting Tips

      • Verify that you have properly registered your ModFactor pedal, and that
        your username and password are correct. This can easily be done by viewing
        the My Products page. In order for the update to succeed, the Serial Number
        on your ModFactor pedal must appear on this list, and you must supply the
        same username and password used to access the My
        page when prompted by the Eventide Update Utility.
      • If the update is started but does not complete successfully, the pedal may
        not function properly. If the pedal does not properly start up, the Eventide
        Update Utility will not be able to communicate with it. In this case, it will
        be necessary to force the pedal into Update Mode by holding down the center
        switch while applying power. Once the word "UPDATE" appears on the
        display, restart the Eventide Update Utility and attempt the update again.
      • For additional tips, visit
        this forum page.

      ModFactor Update Release Notes

      Fixes In Version 2.4.2[1]

      MIDI CC messages are no longer affected by having Catchup ON.

      The default Expression Pedal assignment for new Factory Presets is Speed.

      Expression Pedal assignments for original Factory Presets have been corrected.

      An issue has been fixed where some Knobs were not saving properly.

      Setting FS3 to be controlled by Aux Switch T+R now works correctly.

      The LFO Display now works.

      The Q-Wah Type Knob display is now correct.

      Previous Changes from Version 2.4.1[1]

      More Presets

      ModFactor now supports up to 50 Banks/100 Presets. The number of banks in the
      UTILITY menu may need to be increased to make these visible.

      This update includes killer new factory presets.

      New Chorus Type

      A new Chorus algorithm, “Classic,” has been added to the Chorus Type
      knob. The Xnob acts as a filter to dial in a wide variety of warmer, vintage
      style chorus sounds.

      New Phaser Type

      A new Phaser algorithm, “PhaseX0,” has been added to the Phaser Type
      knob. The Xnob can switch between 2, 4, 6, and 8 Stages to provide a larger
      assortment of classic phaser sounds.

      Output Level Knob in Rotary

      The Rotary Effect now uses the Intensity knob as an output level control.

      Expression Pedal Improvements

      Expression Pedal Programming Activation

      Expression Pedal programming is now activated only when the Expression Pedal
      is at the heel or toe position.

      Shorter Timeout

      The Pedal Programming Timeout has been reduced to 2 seconds. This means that
      when you move the Expression Pedal to heel or toe position, ModFactor will allow
      Expression Pedal programming for 2 seconds and then change to normal operation.

      Pedal Programming Lock

      You can now optionally disable live Expression Pedal programming. (See System
      Menu Updates.)

      Parameter Fine-Tuning

      The Encoder can now be used to fine-tune all knob parameters if turned within
      2 seconds of turning any knob.

      Bank Select via Encoder Knob

      In Bank Mode, the Encoder can now be used to select banks in either direction
      if turned within 2 seconds of pressing a bank change footswitch.

      System Menu Updates

      [MIDI] – General Improvements have been made to MIDI operation, including
      these new MIDI Functions:

      [RCV CTL] – There are new choices for Receive Control to alter the unit’s
      BYPASS setting:

      ACT – Make the unit ACTive, i.e. not bypassed.

      TOG – TOGgle the between bypass and active.

      [RCV MAP] – BYPASS via Program Change

      As well as using MIDI program change to load a preset, now it can also be
      programmed to directly control the unit’s BYPASS setting. In the Receive
      Map menu you can now select one of the following:

      BYP – BYPass the unit

      ACT – Make the unit ACTive, i.e. not bypassed.

      TOG – TOGgle the between bypass and active.

      [CLK IN] – MIDI Input Clock Enable

      Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Receive ON or OFF. If ON, MIDI Clock is used
      as a Tempo source.

      [CLK OUT] – MIDI Output Clock Enable

      Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Transmit ON or OFF. If ON,

      ModFactor can now be used as a MIDI Clock source.

      [CLK FLT] – MIDI Clock Filter Enable

      Turn Encoder to set MIDI Clock Filtering ON or OFF. If ON,

      ModFactor can be used with an unstable MIDI Clock source.

      [UTILITY] – New Utility Function:

      [PDLOCK] – "Lock" Expression Pedal settings

      When PDLOCK is set to ON, Expression Pedal programming is disabled and all
      Expression Pedal settings are locked. Default is OFF (unlocked).

      Miscellaneous Fixes

      MIDI Clock timing has been improved.

      The accuracy of using MIDI CC to control TAP has been improved.

      A received real time MIDI signal (e.g. MIDIclock) no longer terminates any
      sysex message also being received.

      Dumping presets over USB no longer results in BAD LOAD messages.

      The displays for Tempo and Dly are now consistent among all three Factor series

      Overall Wet/Dry levels are now more consistent.

      In System/MIDI/XMT CC when you change the MIDI CC numbers from factory defaults,
      the settings are no longer lost after power cycle.

      TremoloPan no longer mutes the signal coming from Input 2.

      When using an Aux Switch assigned to TAP, a single tap of the Aux Switch now
      displays the current tempo like a single tap on the on-board TAP footswitch

      When receiving a MIDI CC set to control the PDL parameter, the audio is now
      affected correctly.

      When assigning an Aux Switch to P/B, the switch no longer decrements the Bank
      number with every other press.

      General improvements have been made to speed up the system response.

      Previous Changes from Version

      Undulator Fixes

      An issue has been fixed where Undulator didn't work with Sine Wave selected
      under the shape knob. Also,

      Intensity now controls Mix in Undulator.

      Control Expression Pedal via MIDI CC

      In the RCV CTL area of the MIDI menu, PDL is now a choice for something that
      will respond to MIDI

      Continuous Controller. This allows you to do things like automate an expression
      pedal performance from a

      computer or use an external MIDI expression pedal to control Preset expression
      pedal assignments.

      PDL choice in AUX SW Menu

      Assigning "PDL" to an Aux Switch allows you to get the full value
      of the preset's Expression Pedal

      assignment (Toe down) while you hold that switch. This is great for things like
      sending feedback to 110%

      while holding the switch down and then back to a "safe" value when
      you let go.

      Default Aux Switch Assignments

      The Factory Default Aux Switch assignments are now BYP, RPT, and TAP for TIP,
      RNG, and T+R. (You'll

      need to Initialize SETUP to get the factory defaults – Hold the Encoder button
      and Middle footswitch on

      power up).

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      Thank you for the new Official release!! Just one question- where is it? The support pages for the TF and MF still have 2.4.1[5] SW listed.

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      Eventide Staff

      for technical reasons it is not currently listed on the Web Site. But, if you follow the Update Instructions above, it will become apparent.

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      Sweet! Thanks for the update on the update, Nick.

    • #119786

      yay. Been waiting for this. Thanks. Look fwd to trying it out tomorrow…..r

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      Okay… So, I just got a new Modfactor today….. Went to do the updates with my Mac. 

      It erased the old software and won't update the new software…….  What do I do?

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      *Please, disregard my last post*

      Rebooted the factor…. restarted the update utility…. worked perfectly Smile

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      Has anyone's Undulator stoped working after updating?? Mine has gone completely! Ive tried to get it going on different presets, different settings and all in does is decrease the volume. 


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