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      Magnus AD

      Hey all,

      Issue: I would like to use the ModFactor Wah effect in front of my amp, but keep the ModFactor in my fx loop.

      I am considering this routing:

      Guitar -> GCX Loop 1 (connected to ModFactor Input 1/Output 1) -> Amp In -> FX Send -> GCX Loop 2 (connected to ModFactor Input 2/Output 2) -> FX Return

      In doing so, I could send a signal to either Input 1 or 2, or both.  

      My question is: Can I damage the ModFactor in this scenario?  If anyone has tried this, how did it work out?  Any major pitfalls?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – don't know GCX.


      Your Modfactor should be hard to damage – the only obvious thing that would hurt it would be if you had some terrible grounding problem, which put AC line voltage across the input or output grounds.



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      Magnus AD

      I actually set it up and worked with no apparent issue.  I am waiting for some new cabling to come in so I can wire it properly.  I will try and make a guide for what I did when I have it wired properly as it appears this is not a common setup idea.

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      James Steele

      That’s a really interesting idea. I’m using a Rocktron Patchmate switcher and I’m using the ModFactor prior to my FX send so the wah sounds decent. Only thing that would concern me is the mismatch between the signal level. You have to choose guitar level or line level on the ModFactor and it’s universal on both inputs and outputs, right? I almost bought TWO ModFactors for that reason.

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