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      has anyone got close to the Greenday tremelo setting on Boulevard of Broken Dreams?  I;ve tried but still really feeling my way around with all the knobs and possibilities….

      Anyone got near it?



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      Try these settings-

      Intensity 99

      Type "BIas"

      Depth 99

      Speed 1/8

      Shape "Square"

      Xnob 0

      DMod 75

      Smod 1

      Mod Rate 0.500

      Mod Source "Ramp"

      (Tempo ON)

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      Thanks will give this a go.

      Is this the best place for sharing presets? I had a look but couldn;t find that many that decribe cleary the tone they are tryng to create (I have a Timefactor too and am struggling a bit with the same thing).

      FOr delay, I am after a really basic delay to add a bit of depth – when I try most of the delay settings they sound too 'modulated/chorusey' for my taste if you know what I mean….


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      Rumor has it that Green Day used an AdrenaLinn – Preset 140 – Tremolo Sequence 11.  I'm not so sure that preset reflects the settings that I hear.  I came much closer with the PitchFactor, preceded by a distorted Bogner Uberschall model.

      There are a few ways to go about it with the PF.  Here's one that takes advantage of the strings' natural decay. [ Fm / Fm | A / A | E / E | B / B ] :


      Mix = WET:100

      Pitch Mix = A10+B10

      Pitch A = ArpA: OFF

      Pitch B = ArpB: OFF

      Delay A = GrvA: A07

      Delay B = GrvB: B07

      (encoder) = PEGGIATR / TMP ON (~ 85 BPM)

      Depth / Key = ATK:  5-10

      Speed / Scale = LN: 1/64

      Xnob = FXA: OFF

      Ynob = FXB: OFF

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      To be fair, the ADR III preset 140 actually does pull off the Green Day riff – in its initialized state.  That's what I get for tweaking or replacing all of the factory presets!

      It has an somewhat slow attack/decay envelope on each sequence step [3-3 out of a possible 9-9].  So the PitchFactor preset above can emulate this softened attack with a Speed / Scale setting as low as ATK: -5.

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