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      Hello chaps – Loving the Modfactor – it's my most used pedal!  One thing that's getting on my wick though is the tremolopan speed starting point.  I'm just not understanding it!!!

      I have my expression pedal controlling the speed of the trem, at the toe – fast, heal – slow.  When I switch from another bank, even though the toe is down on the expression pedal, the starting speed of the tremolo is slow!  I need it to be fast though!

      Does anyone know what that's about? or how to fix it?

      BTW – I have the beta software installed – loving it!  (unless it was the update that caused this niggle in which case – liking it!)

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      The Presets do not load to where the expression pedal currently is. They load exactly as they were saved.

      It sounds like you may need to save the Preset at a fast speed so it will load how you want.

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      Cool – I'll give that a try.


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