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      Great pedal, got it dialed in perfectly, but when I switch between my presets (so far I particularly notice when the speeds are very different), it takes a few seconds to adjust, which is a long time when you are in the midst of playing. I noticed the pedal I have still has 2.0.1(6) software on it – is this a software issue? Or is there something wrong with the pedal I got?

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      I don't know if that's a software issue or not, but several seconds does seem a bit long. It also depends on what algorithm you're using. For instance, if you change from a fast Rotary to a slow Rotary, the change in speed occurs more gradually than if changing from a slow Chorus to a fast Chorus. That's by design. Because a mechanical rotary speaker takes longer to speed up or slow down, this behavior is duplicated in the MF Rotary algorithm.

      What algorithm and or preset are you using? Knowing this may help answer your question more accurately.

      Anyway, I'd suggest updating to the latest available software update. There are a lot of new features as well as some general improvements. You can find details and instructions here…

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      Thanks Tim,

      I can see why that would make sense in effort to best mimic a rotary device. For the most part I am switching from 1 type of modulation with a slow speed in bank X:1 to a fast square wave trem in bank X:2. In the first bank preset (1:1) it is chorus, then flange, phase, trem and rotary, respectively, in the next banks.

      I set this up because I heard a cool clip of using a square wave trem in solos for sustained notes and wanted to try to mimic that, but the time it takes the modfactor to 'catchup' is making that impossible. 

      I plan on updating the software as soon as I get the device registration transfered to my account (and track down the correct USB). 

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