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      after playing and loving my timefactor, i consider getting the modfactor as well, as updateability is just fabulous!!! (all the while we all here really see that you work hard on including good suggestions!

      One major issue for me is – i am an effects freak and love to combine different modulation effects.
      i read in the manual for the modfactor, that it is not possible to use two effects at once – no cascading!

      My question is: is this a hardware problem, which is not fixable with an update? or do you just not plan to do such a thing?

      I mean – if it's a memory issue, i (and i think other as well) would gladly do with just 20 presets if this would make it possible to use two effects in series!

      Just imagine what you could build with such an engine: flying pans, tremoflange etc…

      The toping of the cake would be two effects together on both channels in stereo or the option to choose separate channels (phaser left, vibrato right – sick!!!)

      Would this be possible with a software update?!

      Thank you


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      Nice idea Dieter. I'd like the simple answer to that too please. Smile 

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      Unfortunately, the limiting factor is DSP power, not memory.

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      You can easily do that with the modfactor, just buy two of them!

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      OK, now that's a good quote. therefor you wouldn't need a timefactor as well. just buy two delay pedals… :-S

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      Eventide Staff


      Unfortunately, ASaunders is right that it's a matter of DSP power in the box that is keeping us from doing at the moment. However, I'll add this as a feature request and when we take another look at MF I'll see if there's anything we can do.

      I don't want to get your hopes up too high, however, if we found a way how would you want to see it implemented in the UI? Alternatively, is there a specific effect you want out of the box that might be easier than re-imagining the way the pedal works? Obviously we don't want to go and change the whole architecture on people who like the way it works now.

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      I'd definitely like a double micropitchshift (+-12cent) as a "better" chorus.
      And a basic chorus in addition to the tremolo would be great.
      And a volume parameter in general…


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      If you could do trem and phaser together it would get closer to a real univibe. Along those lines – imho if you can add trem to just about any of the other effects it would be great.

      As for implementation….

      On the tandem effects you could simplify the tweakability of both effects and make the top row of knobs control one effect, the bottom row of knobs control the second, and the X-Knob could control the blend between the two. "Type" could select the primary effect and "Mod Source" could scroll through the menu of secondary. Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo would be my personal main choices for those included in secondary.

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      Hi, right, i wouldn't like to change the whole architecture myself, because it is pretty good.

      as someone wrote here – a added panner / tremolo to effects like phaser/flanger would be a great addition (flying pan, univibish sounds, step flanger).

      best thing of course would be the chance to have two effects in series, or one on the right, the other on the left channel – sick sounds i guess. but i really guess that's changing the whole pedal and is only good for stereo players like me (anyway, i think TF and MF SHOULD be played stereo, but…).

      as a compromise, i think an added panner/tremolo with time incremental use (1/4, 1/8. and so on – so it is tappable) which could be dialled in to any of the settings would be a great thing! Such would be very usable live.

      The second request up there with any of two effects in chain would maybe just be special effects.

      Thanks for considering


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      +1 for adding Tremolo to all settings! 

       I think I'd prefer that to the second LFO, though that can be fun sometimes…

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