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      Ok, so here is the horror story. I was updating my factors to control them with the H9 app, since I have an H9 in the mail 🙂 All good with TimeFactor, but I attempted to do it with my ModFactor, which I got second hand and could not register in my account, something went south, because when I tried to update anyway, instead of give me this type of error, the update app actually went on wuth the update…. but…. apparently it flashed the Timefactor firmware, because when the pedal woke up, it thinks it is a Timefactor!!!! WTF???

      Exactly that, the bad part is that I can`t reinitialise it nor use it because it refuses to engage the effects. When used in manual mode, the algorithm switch rotates but the screen shows delay types names. 

      What I think is the problem is that the pedal was flashed with the Timefactor firmware and in its schizophrenic present state, it cannot operate correctly.

      Since it is not registered to my account, I can't reflash it with the correct firmware and I have been unable to find the actual file to download it.

      Please help.

      Thanks in advance

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like you should contact They'll be able to help.

      For obvious reasons, TF software won't work on an MF. How you managed to get it there is less clear ..

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      True.. i emailed support to fix the re-registration thing. The good news is I managed to find an old beta modfactor firmware and flashed the stompbox with it. Which has solved the schizo behaviour. Now I just have to wait for Eventide to help with re registration thing and then I'll be able to update to 5.0 firmware.

      Happy ending – sort of – for this story.

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