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      I tried to update my modfactor today, everything seems fine but when it goes to the write phase I get this message :

      "Failed updating device MF-02344. Error updating device. Please reboot your device and try updating again".

      When I reboot, it crashes instantly. I reboot holding the middle button putting it into update mode, try again, same problem.

      Unfortunately, my pedal's no longer functions. Rebooting the pedal with the middle footswitch and encoder pressed dont work either.

      And for information, I update today my Timefactor and pitchfactor and eveything works fine. So this is not a cable or computer problem.

      Is there a solution for this problem or do I have to send the stompbox back ?

      Thanx for your help.
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      Please send an email to about the problem.  Our support people have a list of tips and tricks they can send you for dealing with updating problems.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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