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       Hi Guys,

      Any idea on when we can expect a Modfactor update and would could be included? Was hoping you could have a look at fixing the volume changes between patches e.g The rotary always seems quite a bit louder than any thing else and can be any changing effects between songs.



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      I have some of the same problems, but with some patches being too quiet. Most notably, the liquid chorus drops your signal. It would be a nice addition to the tremolo to have a volume control to boost just a little. I realize that the tremolo at peak probably isn't cutting volume, but since it cuts volume in the valleys, there needs to be a little boost available to compensate for the *apparent* volume difference with the dry signal. I can't make the tremolo work for me live yet, even though it is one of my favorite effects on the Modfactor. I would have no problem sacrificing the slew rate or overdrive control for a volume. Thanks!

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      I think that a volume boost control on the tremolo would be a great idea. For live use you often need the abillity to adjust the volume of the tremolo to prevent the sound from beeing lost in the mix. I think that the liquid chorus need a bit of a boost also. The rotary on the other hand could use a volume reduction.

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      Plus one on the volume… I would like to see a volume control for every patch but definitely on the trem and the leslie settings.  Also still hoping for some EQ, especially would be nice to be able to give the chorus patches a little more sparkle.  I see an update was released today, but it only seems to address some minor issues with pedal assignments.  We can hope for the future there will be more of these things addressed.

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       As far as the Leslie, you can turn it down a bit by editing the patch… change the ratio of the horn to the bass speaker, so that the lows end is lowered, I think it's the "shape" knob.  This will thin it out, and then you can turn the tone with the Xknob to keep the horn tone from being too bright.  

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