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      When engaging my Modfactor I experience a noticeable volume drop.

      Originally I had this in the fx loop of my Mesa Boogie Express 5:50. Thinking that it was the loop, I disengaged the loop altogether and placed all effects before the amp. 

      No change. Still a volume drop. The Eventide is the only pedal that causes the volume drop. When I remove it, the signal chain is fine.

      I have tried altering the guitar / amp toggle switches on the rear of the unit, but it makes no difference. 

      Any suggestions why this is happening? Am I going wrong somewhere or has a fault developed?

      The volume drop is noticeable but not silent, causing the tone to sound significantly weaker. 

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      Are there certain settings which have the volume drop or is it every effect?

      Have you tried the different Bypass Modes to see if any make a difference?


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      The volume drop happened on every effect, not just on one specific effect. So the volume drop happens when I select the chorus or the phaser for example.

      I have recently downloaded the beta firmware upgrade. At low volumes, a volume drop wasn't noticeable. I am playing live on Friday night at volume and will report back then to see if this has cured it. 

      Also I wouldn't have thought the bypass mode would have made any difference. The whole effect is attached to a Gigrig loop switcher, so is switched on all the time. I activate the effect by selecting a switch on the gigrig device. I have tried the effect in different loops to see if it was the switcher at fault. It wasn't. 

      I hope the firmware download has fixed the problem. 

      Since this is a "beta" firmware upgrdade, I don't quite trust it and will search on this forum to see if there has been any issues with it…

      I am very grateful for your reply

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      I just discovered a similar problem but mine is more specific.

      8 of the effects are completely normal.  However anytime Rotary or Flanger is selected, the volume cuts out almost entirely.  It is only on those 2 effects and happens whether I select a preset that is based on them, or if I just select it with the knob.  No change in parameter fixes it.

      I'm going to try a restart 1st and see if that fixes it.

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      Well I discovered what was casuing my problem…not sure what else is in your chain but maybe it will help you.

      I am using a Radial Switchbone to drive a stereo rig.  The Switchbone has a knob to reverse polarity on the signal. (something to do with putting the amps out of phase as an option for a less focused, more spread out sound).

      That was the cause of the trouble.  Anytime I had polarity reversed, the signal dropped from the Modfactor on Flanger/Rotary settings to almost no output.  Instantly came back when the polarity switch was set back to normal.

      I don't know if that's a defect, something broken, or working as intended….but it least its diagnosed and I can avoid it. 

      Maybe something in your chain is effecting polarity and causing the same effect for you.

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      I have noticed the same thing with my MF pedal. When the effect is engaged, the volume drops. When the pedal is bypassed, it is noticeably louder. So far, I have only tested it with one effect–rotary–but I would be glad to test with any/all other effects, if needed.

      I've seen other posts on the forum about this very issue, however, so I'm surprised this is news to Eventide.

      Again, I will be happy to offer any input I can, and I will test my unit out the wazoo, if it means Eventide will work on a fix.



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      I have the same problem with volume drop. It is more noticible with some effects than others. I have a timefactor next in the chain and the TF works perfectly.

      any ideas?

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      I have this problem with some settings. Undulator is fine, phaser is fine, The only ringmod setting I've found that's usable does it most definitely. To be audible I have to turn on every od/boost pedal in my chain then somehow manage to get it all turned back off in that last split second before I go back from noisemaking to regular playing…

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      Version 3 of the MF software includes an output level adjustment. That might help…  That's also true for all the Factors, not just the MF.

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      The V3 beta that's been out for a while or did they realize a finalized version that I don't know about? I'll do the update tonight if there was one I don't know about and mess with it then report back.

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      It's still beta (16), but it's pretty solid. Note, there are algorithm changes that will require some changes to your presets, so I'd suggest writing down anything important and using that as a starting point. This will be true even when V3 is finalized.

      You'll also want to make sure that, after applying the update, that you re-initialize your pedal to the factory defaults, both settings and presets. Doing that will avoid 99% of the problems reported. The new version of FactorLib works well with V3, but there are problems using it with V2 and/or using V2 presets with the new FactorLib. I know all that's a pain and take a lot of time, but the improvements in V3 are worth it.

      FYI, you could back up your V2 presets with an older version of FactorLib, try V3 and if you don't like it, re-install V2 (that's always available in the Eventide Update Utility) and then restore your V2 presets with the older version of FactorLib.

      Finally, as Eventide recommends, if you've got a gig or anything within the next week (at least a few days), you'll want to hold off upgrading until you have some time.

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