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      Hi All,

      Is it possible to control the Modfactors Wah with am expression pedal that connected via midi? I am assuming that it is. If I am correct can someone shine a little light as to how to make this happen?

      Here's my current setup:

      Guitar > ModFactor > Mark V >> Fx Loop > G-Major II < Fx Loop <<

      I have a Ground Control Pro with an Ernie Ball Vol/Express pedal connected. Midi connected to a Mini Amp Gizmo out to the G-Major II out to the ModFactor.

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      Yes it is possible to control the wah using the MIDI expression pedal,

      In the ground control foot controller , you would connect  your expression pedal and you need to assign a channel  over which the Ground Controller would send MIDI CCs out to the devices being controlled.

      In the modfactor MIDI settings-> rcv CTL  , select PDL as the target (Left Side) and then select the number that you have chosen on your foot controller as the source(Right Side). Then once you do this , you would need to set your wah to expression pedal and you should be all set.

      However you need to be sure that this MIDI channel is not being used by other devices in your MIDI chain otherwise changing values over expression pedal for Wah, might have undesirable effects in those devices.

      Hope This Helps.


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      Would this work with the expression pedals built in to the Behringer FCB 1010 as well?


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      It works easily with the FCB1010.  It may be blasphemous to some, but I now use the modfactor as my wah after having gone through boutique (RMC, Area 51, Budda) and mass-produced (various Dunlop) wahs.  The only issue is needing to engage the modfactor and then jump on the treadle, as opposed to just stepping on the wah.

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      Awesome, thanks. Is there a setup guide somewhere?

      I'm assuming I go into the FCB1010, allocate a midi out channel to the expression pedal and the values (0-127 for example). Then as it says here go into MIDI settings and assign the rcv channel to PDL and whatever I have selected in the FCB1010, select the wah preset on the Modfactor, assign EXP and away we go.

      I will try that today and see how I go.

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      No matter what I try I cannot get the expression pedal(s) n the Behringer to drive the wah. Anybody out there who can step me through the process?

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      I gave up and bought an EB 6181 – works perfectly

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      Anybody out there who can step me through the process?

      I may be a little late here, but I'm curious as to what went wrong with the process.  My first thought is that the the MIDI channels can be set independently for the footswitch CC values and each expression pedal in the FCB-1010 (as well as the Note value).  From other posts, I see that your footswitch process was successful.  That leads me to focusing on the expression pedal MIDI channel(s).

      To review the FCB-1010 Global setup:

      Press DOWN while powering up the FCB-1010.

      Press UP to confirm the current Direct Select setting.

      Press Switch 8 [Exp A] or Switch 9 [Exp B] until it flashes.

      Press UP, and select the MIDI channel.  Press DOWN 2.5 seconds to exit.

      Now, of course, your RCV CH in the ModFactor should match the FCB-1010's switch CC and expression pedal(s) channel.  I'll use MIDI Channel 1 and CC #7 for the expression pedal as examples.  There's a way to "test" your FCB-1010 transmission within the ModFactor.

      Switch CCs + exp. pedals on FCB-1010 + Modfactor receiving end = same MIDI channel.

      Check that the ModFactor's MIDI -> OUTPUT = THRU.

      Go to MIDI -> RCV CTL, and dial up the PDL entry.

      Press the MF right footswitch twice, to the LEARN display.

      Move your FCB-1010 expression pedal.

      If the "connection" is made, the MF display will snap to CC7 (for example).

      If everything is good to this point, move on to the ModFactor setup.  Disclaimer:  I use my FCB-1010 with a PitchFactor.  But from the MF manual, it appears that you need to select the Q-Wah algorithm (or a preset with that), and turn the Shape knob to the pedal entry.  Apparently, the usual pedal programming is done for you in this case.

      I can see another potential way to control the wah over MIDI.  The Xnob controls the base frequency of the wah effect.  So, it looks like you could go to MIDI -> RCV CTL, select KB5, match that to your expression pedal CC number, and control the wah base frequency directly.

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      Thanks for that – that's great. Unfortunately I've bought an Ernie Ball and have my FCB1010 up on eBay and I'm planning on buying an RJM Mastermind. If it doesn't sell, I'll check out the process. I'm a bit of a luddite on Midi – I get the midi channel assignment, but how do I set the cc value in the FCB1010?

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      how do I set the cc value in the FCB1010?

      – Select your preset (footswitch).

      – Hold DOWN for 2.5 seconds.

      – Press UP to confirm the current relay switches setting.

      At this point, the process diverges slightly for the two "static" CC values available per preset, and the two expression pedal CC ranges.  If either CC value, expression pedal, note, or program change is "active", then that switch LED should be solidly lit now.  If it isn't, hold the corresponding switch down for a few seconds until it's lit.

      For Exp A and Exp B (from "… relay switches setting." above):

      – Tap Switch 8 [Exp A] or Switch 9 [Exp B] until it flashes.

      – Press UP.  You'll see the current CC number displayed.

      – Change this, if you like (using the switches or EXP A to enter numerics).

      (The ModFactor can LEARN the CC number, or you can match the FCB-1010 to the MF defaults.)

      – Press UP.  That's the lowest CC value transmitted (heel position).  Usually 0.

      – Press UP.  Now it displays highest CC value transmitted (toe position).  Usually 127.

      – If you've changed the high value, press UP again.

      – Press DOWN 2.5 seconds to exit.

      For "static" CNT 1 and CNT 2 (from "… relay switches setting." above):

      – Tap Switch 6 [CNT1] or Switch 7 [CNT 2] until it flashes.

      – Press UP.  You'll see the current CC number displayed.

      – Change this, if you like (using the switches to enter numerics).

      (The ModFactor can LEARN the CC number, or you can match the FCB-1010 to the MF defaults.)

      –  Press UP.  Enter your "static" CC value between 0-127 using the switches or Exp A.

       – Press UP again to confirm the static CC value.

      –  Press DOWN 2.5 seconds to exit.

      There's also a controller toggle function available.  Both CNT 1 and CNT 2 have to be set to the same CC number, and also the same MIDI channel in the Global settings to use it.  Normally, you step on an FCB-1010 preset switch, and whatever program changes, CC values, etc, are sent out.  It may send – for example – CC38 with a value of 64 on MIDI Channel 2, and CC 41 at a value of 84 on MIDI Channel 3.

      With the controller toggle function [same MIDI channel], you can send out – again, as an example – CC38 with a value of 64 [CNT1] on the first switch press.  Press the switch a second time, and it sends out CC38 with a value of 127 [CNT 2].  It will toggle between the two CC values programmed into the FCB-1010 with each press of the footswitch.

      That will allow you to shift between two ModFactor values; perhaps two "fixed wah" frequencies.  As for exactly what CC values to input in order to achieve that … you'll need to experiment.  If a Modfactor knob has, say, twelve possible settings, the CC value range of 128 values gets roughly divided by 12.  So any of the CC values between 0-11 might be the lowest knob setting, 12-21 might bring up the next-highest parameter setting, and so on.

      I can't help you with the specific Modfactor CC values beyond that.  I'm in the process of mapping all of the PitchFactor CC values, and it's a long process.  Some of the knob parameters can use every possible CC value between 0-127 to cover all of the potential knob positions.  Others might only divide 128 values by 3 settings.

      If you're going to program a lot of FCB-1010 presets, it's much easier with one of the free editors out there. Still, it's not a bad idea to learn the (convoluted) on-board process for quicks tweaks and live gig adjustments.  BTW:  I never use EXP A to input numerics for programming the FCB-1010.

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      Thankyou very much.

      It appears that I was setting the CC value – I was doing the first method – lowest to highest value through the expression pedal calibration method.

      Although, even when I had the Midi out on the FCB1010 connected to Midi in on my Mini Amp Gizmo and both were powered up, the FCB1010 still showed F1 (no midi connection present) when I entered the expression pedal calibration process. Not sure why this is the case…

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      Thanks again for that. I've got my Ernie Ball Jr 25k running into my RJM Mastermind Midi Controller and I successfully have the expression pedal talking to the ModFactor.

      It's just a matter of playing around and finding the best Wah preset/settings to use with an expression pedal. Anybody have particular faves?

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