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      Recently my modfactor started with an strange disfunction, the screen start to display different parameters on the screen and the patch sound change completely, I swap the DC adapters with my Timefactor and nothing change, I also tried the reset procedure and to upgrade from software 2.4 to 3.5.0(4) without success. I made a video and you can see what is happening:

      thanks for the help

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      Eventide Staff

      My guess is that you have a bad internal connection. You should probably contact

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      I've got the exact problem with version 3.5.0.

      Did you send it back ?

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      Same issue here. The thing is i already wrote to support email but no answer. I can't send the unit back, i live in PARAGUAY, south america, the cost for me are oing to be huge if i send the unit… and eventide doesn't have answers. 400 $ plus shipping, money not so well spended for me.

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      Eventide contact me recently about how to fix. It doesnt matter the version you have installed on your modfactor. This solution worked for me.

      1) go to Utilities and turn CATCHUP to ON. This fix will be enough but there's other two that can help it too.

      2)unplug any expression pedal.

      3)buy the new power adapter, the old version does not work good.

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      not any of your suggestions worked… still have the problem

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      It sounds like infamous "ribbon cable" issue. There is a ribbon cable that connects the main circuit board to the circuit board attached to the parameter pots. Reseating the cable has fixed the problem for many people. I recently did this as I was having issues with both a modfactor and Pitchfactor. Haven't had any issues since, but I also haven't had any extended playing time since doing it. 

      It does, of course, require you to open up your unit, which I'm guessing voids any warranty and is most likely discouraged by Eventide. You would need to remove the knobs, 4 Allen screws on top, 5 screws in the bottom, and screws that hold the two circuit boards together. If you decide to do this, be careful! Nothing worse than permanently busted hardware. 

      Joe (he who waits for Factor updates)

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      Also tried this. Same issue, still with the same problem, worst gear purchase EVER. Did someone knows where to find that "new" power supply?

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