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      I bought SpaceTime on the day it was released and have been enjoying it immensely. I read somewhere that Scupt is going to be out by summer NAMM. I guess that makes 1 algo per NAMM? H9 is so interesting and powerful that I’d love to see more unique H9 algos. So far there are only 5 algos created for the H9, with the rest being ported from the Factor pedals. 5 algos for all the time H9 has been available doesn’t sound like the unique strenghts of the H9 is being taken advantage of. Here’s hoping for more unqiue H9, and for them to arrive more rapidly!

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      Eventide Staff

      H9 Algorithms are more complex than the ones from the Factor pedals, which is why they take a little longer to develop. For instance, SpaceTime has a custom GUI for advanced routing configurations. None of previous algorithms have that feature available.

      In any case, here's a snap shot of a teaser that went out on our Instagram page a few days ago. Stay Tuned!

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