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      Billy Foppiano

      The more time I spend with this pedal, the more "undocumented features" I find…..

      Here's another one……I thought this bug was only in 2.4, but here it is, in 3.

      When I modulate a parameter in the TF with the Volume pedal, later when I come back, ot has added 3 or more parameters I KNOW I DIDN'T ADD. I only mod 1, it gets hinky if I go more.

      Turns out "apparently" it only adds these to the display….I can't hear any perceptable thing being changed as I sweep. For instance, I will moduale mix….BUT later, it will add FB A and FB B and DDL B to the display…, if these were beig swept, we would hear the FB ocillate into infinity.

      So I guess it adds these to the display. I can't tell ya how I have tried to eliminate these by zeroing them out…..

      Do we get a deal on the Space Pedal if we find more than 10 undocumented features? OR somethin.

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      Eventide Staff

      You only get a deal if they are really good features. If they are bad, the price goes up.

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