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      hey all, I'm trying to create a Mu-Tron like envelope filter for 'autowah' sounds with my H9. To be clear I want the wah sound to open/close based on the incoming audio volume from my guitar. I'm using the Q-WAH algorithm but I can't get it to work this way, I set Mod Source to 'Envelope' but the setting still just automatically sweeps through wah settings based on time/depth. Does anyone have a setting for autowah? Thank you, Andrew

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      Set the "Shape" to Envelope rather than "Mod Source" and adjust sensitivity to taste.

      As a test I just chose "Vintage Wah" preset … changed "Shape" to "Envelope" and upped the " sensitivity" to "65" …. gave me a funky Auto Wah sound…. then the sexy Maid arrived….then … I woke up

      Hope that helps

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      Awesome, thank you for this info!

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      No Problem, happy to help

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      Thanks on my part as well.  I’m new to the H9 and have been trying to recreate the guitar tone for Edie Brickell’s “What I Am” solo.  This has really helped!!!!

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