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      how can i program my modfactor to work and sound like a mutron and or the likes?

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      i also own the pitchfactor if its a better choice to do such a thing?

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      Have you tried Q-Wah??

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      yes, it seems that all the settings i've tried so far respond to timing rather than dynamics.

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      Have you tried the Envelope and ADSR LFOs in the Modfactor. They respond to dynamics of the input signal.The Smod knob will control the sensitivity in this case.

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      oh thanks ameyrairikar!!! that got me MUCH closer! still not quite what i am after but i am determined to get my rig so only the factors are on my pedal board instead of 200 LBS of odd shaped botique mayhem…

      any suggestions for settings anyone?



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      I would think that the ModFactor would be your tool of choice for a Mutron emulation.  But you also asked about the Pitchfactor, and specific settings.  The Octaver algorithm has envelope-controlled filters, but they process the two octave subharmonics, and not the 'dry' input signal.  Here's a basic preset that demonstrates:

      Mix –  75%

      Pitch Mix – centered

      Pitch A  –  FILTA: 0

      Pitch B  –  FILTB: 50

      Delay A  –   RES-A:  10

      Delay B  –  RES-A:  10

      Key/Depth –  DPTH: 50

      Scale/Speed –  SENS: 50

      Xnob –  fully CCW (left)

      Ynob –  fully CCW (left)

      This is an exaggerated, resonant "Mutron" sound.  The filter cutoff frequencies are spread apart, for distinction.  The 'dry' signal is barely blended in for its attack / pick sound.  Turn both Delay A & Delay B down to 5 (or even 0) for more subtle-sounding filter sweeps.  Key/Depth and Scale/Speed are set to average values for recognizable results.  Adjust those two controls upwards or downwards to taste, and to match your input signal level.

      For the adventurous, turn the Xnob up to Fuzz: 11 (nice touch, Eventide), and the Ynob up towards center.  You can get four nicely blended textures at the same time ('dry' input; subharmonic A; subharmonic B; squawky Octavia-type fuzz).  The key is to get each 'voice' in its own space; layered, and well out of the way of the other voices.  Octaver is an algorithm that I've begun to appreciate only recently.

      Your only other Pitchfactor option would be to use Voice B of the Synthonizer mode.  It's more of a synthesizer ADSR attack control; not one that follows your input envelope.  BUT, you use both lowpass and highpass filters; similar to the Mutron's LP/BP/HP Mode switch.  It's also possible to squeeze out some sequenced filter FX out of the Harpeggiator.

      But these two wouldn't be considered to be Mutron replacements.  If you're interested, though, I'll toss together a few more examples using these modes.

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      WOW! this is great! yes more examples would be awesome! thanks Brock!


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      @Brock…… Just wanted to say thanks for posting the preset. I found I liked it better with the mix more like 45% but the rest of it's great as is.

      Also, I thought  I'd mention that if you mix it with the FunkPhase (2:1) preset on the ModFactor it really finishes it off. 

      Thanks again!


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