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       When I'm playing everything will be fine then after awhile the parameters will start to go CRAZY and the pedal will become unusable. I use a Boss FV500L as an expression pedal and when I flex between two notes it will work but after awhile It will not hit the correct pitches. It goes from 1 to 100 and then from 1 to 93 or 1 to 89. Do I need a stereo cable to run properly?

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      the pedal thing about it going crazy sounds familiar. The only thing that made it stop was the factory reset (holding the encoder and right footswitch while turning on the pedal)… sorry if that wasn't much help

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      Eventide Staff

      I'll attempt multiple replies:


      after awhile the parameters will start to go CRAZY

      Assuming you are using the Eventide Power Supply and the power in is not damaged, this would suggest a hardware problem – you should contact


      It goes from 1 to 100 and then from 1 to 93 or 1 to 89

      This is a common problem. The pedal autocalibrates to match the pedal, and calls the biggest value it sees 100% and the smallest (wait for it !) 0%. This means that if your pedal is a little wobbly and you hit it very hard, you can drive it over the end, to a point you may not easily hit again – this is why later it appears to only go to around 90. Not much we can do – you could try a stronger pedal, or not hitting it so hard.


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      I have used a FV500L in the past and found that I had to used the volume knob on the side to find the sweet spot other wise I would not get the full range of sweep.

      Might not be relevant, but worth a try

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