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      Hi guys, 

      First and foremost, the factor pedals are amazing!!! I am using them with a musicom efx 2 and have no problem sending PC messages so that they change presets at the same time.

      What I wanted to know is whether there is a way for them to switch to different presets at the same time. By that I mean if I tell pitchfactor to go to preset 32 The space also goes to preset 32. Is there any way that I could make it so that the space could go to a different pre set?

      From the manual I know that the factor pedal is capable of transmitting programme messages to accomplish this but I don't think it can do it when it is receiving pc messages from the musicom.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have only started using the midi aspect of this equipment in the last two days so please forgive me if this is a complete newbie question!!!

      Many thanks


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      Yes, I do this with the Musicom and Timefactor and ModFactor.  You just need to set say the Space to receive MIDI channel 1 and the Pitchfactor to receive MIDI channel 2, then you can set a single patch on the Musicom to transmit say PC 13 on MIDI channel 1 and PC 42 on MIDI channel 2. Simple.

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      Hey thom

      Thanks for taking the time to reply, I figured it out in the end, I got the channel part right, but being the numb nuts I am I had the second pedal set to XMT not thru.

      Am sure I will have plenty of more moronic questions re midi! So watch this space!

      Thanks again,


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