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      I have the MusicomLab 6M out > to midi in on TimeLine, then midi out to H9 midi in…

      everything works correctly the first time I press a preset switch on the 6M. However, if I press the 6M switch twice the H9 changes to the corresponding preset… so if I press P1 twice = H9 goes from programmed setting to default preset 01, P2 switches to preset 02 and so forth…

      I need the H9 to be bypassed or inactive unless it is programmed as part of a preset.How do I set up the H9 to be inactive unless I need it?

      Thanks in advance!

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      I didn't 100% understand the scenario you were describing but you can save a preset on the H9 as inactive (just toggle the bypass switch to inactive and save it either on the H9 directly or in H9 Control), and if you use MIDI program changes to change your presets, it will be loaded in the inactive state.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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